Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler
extraordinary dreams of an ireland traveler

"Waterford is one place described in this book that I had better not miss. The crystal factory tour was so much fun to see. Thank you for taking us every inch of the way through it. It was fun to see the process of how this expensive crystal was made. The photos made it much better than just reading about it."

— Patrick Snow, International Best Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny
and The Affluent Entrepreneur

"This is not a typical travel book, but also a wonderful photo book of the many attractions of Ireland. The author has put a lot of research into describing the places she visited. This is a book that you should carry with you in your travels. It is a true guide to a fun and successful vacation. I would rate the book 5-stars!"

— Martha Sanders, Napa, California

"If anyone is contemplating a trip to Ireland, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler is a must. It is easy reading and is full of vivid descriptions of the “must see” places to help you plan your trip. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of travel or even if you only want to experience the trip “second hand.” Rosemary (Mamie) has done a marvelous job as a tour guide in book form!"

— S. Allan Kane Jr., M.D., California

"As someone who has visited Ireland, I can verify that Rosemary hits all the highlights and many “off the beaten path” points of interest that I missed. Her valuable advice on places to stay and attractions to see made me want to return to the Emerald Isle to see what I missed the first time—in fact, the pictures made me homesick for the land of my ancestors."

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of the award-winning
Narrow Lives
and My Marquette

"Rosemary’s book made Ireland come alive for me! I can’t wait to go."

— Kate Phillips, www.TotalWealthCoaching.com

"WOW! What an adventure. This is such exciting reading with adventures and history all in one. I enjoyed learning about the areas, but it felt nice not to feel as though I were in a history class! Learning about the Vikings was such an interesting story."

— Natalie Newport, author of Ninja Nanny

"Loch Lein Country Manor - what a fabulous place in the country. Away from the city bustle and yet close to everything. A very romantic place and we loved the hosts. It was also close to Limerick where there is a lot to see. Thanks for the close up look!"

— Nathan French, author of My New Focus: It’s Not A Secret

"What a story about the “Gift of Gab!” The height would be a bit scary especially when lying upside down. Not sure I want to do that but can’t wait to see the others kiss the Blarney Stone."

— Randi Reed, International Flight Attendant

"What fun that must have been playing with the hats at Blarney’s! And I couldn’t believe that you actually got back in business just three weeks after retirement, importing those designs into the states. That was some adventure! Keep us posted—Oh, and thanks for the special on woollens."

— H.C. (Joe) Raymond, author of Embracing Change from the Inside Out

"Great human interest story about Blarney’s and Aine. It was fun to read about the people there and their success stories especially when one of them reads much like Walt Disney’s life. It was amazing to see how someone went from nothing to an empire."

— Frank Reed, author of In God We Trust: Dollars and Sense

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