Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler
rosemary adkins

Rosemary Adkins is an author, speaker,
and expert traveler within Ireland.

Rosemary says writing this book has given her insight and motivation to finish another book—a book she started many years ago titled Mamie which she hopes to finish in the next two years.

about rosemary adkins
Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins was born and spent most of her childhood in Houston, Texas. Later, she moved with her family to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she graduated from Bishop Gorman High School in 1965. After graduation, her family moved to Redding, California, where Rosemary resided for about six months, until she turned eighteen and fled the state and home. From there, Rosemary became restless and moved around until she found a happy place to be in Eugene, Oregon.

Her childhood had not been the happiest, so she had to deal with overcoming those challenges, which would affect her life for years to come. She found peace walking the ocean’s beaches or swimming in the Gulf. She says of this time in her life, “Whenever I was full of self-doubt, afraid, and lonely, the beach brought me to a place with an inner peace.” Happy memories surround the water for Rosemary, which is what later made her journey to Ireland especially exciting.

After leaving home to become independent, Rosemary was still unable to escape abuse, finding it this time in a bad marriage. Haunted by the cycles of life, she ran from her problems, hoping to find someone who would love her; eventually, she found and married her husband, Douglas. Together they raised her daughter and he became her daughter’s legal father, making them a happy, connected family, all loving one another. Life was finally good for Rosemary.

In 1985, Rosemary was diagnosed with diabetes, and since then, she has fought the ravages of the disease with many serious complications, but she has managed to come out of the illness to realize her dreams.

In 1997, Rosemary, with her husband and daughter, founded the American Diabetes Association (ADA) chapter in Kitsap County, Bremerton, Washington, and she has organized many educational events, health fairs, and fundraising activities for ADA. An inspiring essay she wrote about her fight with diabetes and how her family and friends have affected her life won her a trip for two to Washington D.C., where she met with several officials, visited the White House, attended a congressional dinner, and was presented with an award for her essay at the Kennedy Center during a special concert by Gladys Knight. Rosemary has also been presented with the Unsung Hero award by her local newspaper, Kitsap Sun, with a celebration held in the Admiral Theater for her volunteer work in the area where she lives.

The day arrived that her health had finally become better, and with the devoted help of her husband, Douglas, and the support of their daughter, Kecia Adkins Doke, her dreams once again came alive.

Rosemary had dreamt of writing a book to help others, but she always found it difficult. When the opportunity arose to take a trip to Ireland, Rosemary poured herself into it and studied Ireland for nearly two years. Part of her dream was to pay tribute to Douglas for loving and taking care of her for so long without ever a complaint.

A trip to Ireland felt so right and finally gave her the chance to spend quality time with the man of her dreams in a location that was surrounded by water, the very kind of place that gave her peace growing up! And she had secretly dreamed of repeating her wedding vows at the water’s edge and having a new wedding band blessed (Claddagh band) for the years to be shared for the next quarter century!

That trip has resulted in Rosemary, now in her senior years, fulfilling her dream to write a book. Extraordinary Dreams of An Ireland Traveler details her and her family’s journey to Ireland and offers in-depth information on the history of each location discussed. In addition, Rosemary negotiated savings for her readers when they travel to Ireland.

Rosemary says writing this book has given her insight and motivation to finish another book—a book she started many years ago titled Mamie which she hopes to finish in the next two years.

Rosemary resides with her husband, Douglas, and sweet chocolate Labrador, Sandy, in Bremerton, Washington.

She thanks you for reading her book and wishes you a pleasant and exciting adventure, whether it is with her in this book or in Ireland itself!

So come on! Let’s travel to Ireland!

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